The Anat Baniel Method ® (ABM) NeuroMovement® is a gentle modality that uses movement to access the power of your brain. As you move throughout life your body responds to stressors by taking the path of least resistance. These changes create deeply grooved neural pathways that can become limitations, restrictions, better known as bad habits, and chronic pain over your lifetime. 


Mo Briglio

NeuroMovement® Practitioner 


Wake Up Your Brain and Create New Neural Pathways 


The concept of brain plasticity stems from the recognition that the human brain can “rewire” itself in response to new experiences. This wonderful characteristic of our brain is not only responsible for our ability to learn new things and unlearn old habits, it is also the key that unlocks our potential to recover from traumas, limitations, and diseases that disrupt or disable some of the brain’s functions. 

The Anat Baniel NeuroMovement® Method® uses movement and awareness as the main tools to develop, enhance, or restore one’s functional abilities. It stands in stark contrast to conventional physical therapy interventions and other rehabilitation approaches that attempt to bring change directly to the problem area. Unlike other modalities, this method shifts the focus away from the “problem areas” to where change occurs; the brain.

Harness The Power Of Your Brain

This modality uses integration, as opposed to focusing on single parts, thereby allowing the brain to create elegant solutions for the whole person. This method is organized around what’s possible, not the problem itself.

 The Language Of Your Brain Is Movement

NeuroMovement® provides the brain with the information it needs to guide the body and mind to higher levels of functioning and coordination. Through innovative movement and the Nine Essentials you will create new neural patterns that increase strength, flexibility, and vitality. This method is supported by evidence from the last thirty years of neuroplasticity research and is highly regarded by groundbreaking neuroscientists including the father of neuroplasticity, Dr. Michael Merzenich. 


The Potency Of Gentle Movement

Experience the potency of gentle movement that requires less effort and increases your ability to sense differences. The perception of differences ignites the brain to create new neural pathways. This upgrades your brain to create a newly organized self, better able respond to life in all its complexities. 


This method will assist your brain to discover your full potential. What was once considered a mechanical fixed organ, the brain, has been found to be plastic, with the capacity for ongoing change as we age. 

Harnessing the power of brain plasticity creates remarkable change.

-Invest In Your Quality Of Life

-Heal Chronic Conditions

-Harness The Power Of Your Brain

-Discover Your Full Potential

Imagine The Improvement In Your Quality of Life.....


Chronic pain and restrictions have been eased. 

You feel energized and amazed that your flexibility has increased. 

You realize there is so much potential to be developed with this simple method. 

You feel optimistic about a bigger future than you expected. 

You marvel at the power of your brain and its ability to work magic. 


You feel so grateful that you gave yourself the gift of improved health. 

You feel like you’ve discovered an amazing secret and want to share it with everyone!



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“After taking several of Mo's classes and having private sessions I have a new awareness of balance in my body. Her power lies in an approach that truly looks at the "whole" person. I  enjoyed the intensive. In addition to feeling great because of the movement and body awareness, it gave me a new perspective of being in the moment. I honestly didn’t expect such a profound outcome  so it’s a very pleasant and welcome change! It awakened my body, I began to be aware of how  muscles work and how to use them properly. As consequences of my practice, I often have pleasant surprises. One day, my hip pain is gone, the other day, I could walk with new found comfort,  practice improves. They help me learn more about myself and reward me with health and happiness. I highly recommend Mo and the Anat Baniel Method to anyone who is serious about healing body, mind, spirit— your whole being because it is gentle, painless, and relaxing. Mo's weekly classes are great,and a welcome addition in my life from now on!

Thank you Mo."

Ryan F. - Retired Builder/Logger

Chronic Pain