WHAT is the name of the method?
The name of the method practiced at Movement Is Life, is called ABM or The Anat Baniel Method® Neuromovement®

WHAT are your hours?
At this time, Movement is Life, is open By Appointment Only.

Please call 250.701.3929 or email Mo Briglio at momovement2@gmail.com to inquire.

WHAT is an intensive?
The work is done in 6 to 10 sessions, completed over one to two weeks.  

The sessions are approximately 30 to 45 minutes long. These One on One, hands on intensive sessions, can be repeated you and I decide it's necessary. Generally my clients are good after one intensive and continue the work through online Movement Classes. As your abilities progress, the frequency of the Intensives will be adjusted. These hands on sessions are suitable for all ages and varying degrees of abilities and conditions. 

WHAT are your rates?

  • Hands On Sessions are $90.00 each.


  • Six sessions, the minimum number of sessions, is $540.00.


  • Ten sessions, for optimum outcomes, is $900.00.

WHAT types of payment do you accept?
I accept cash, credit card, paypal or e-Transfers.

WHAT is your cancellation policy?
I require a minimum of 24 hours for a cancellation. If you do not cancel your appointment 24 hours in advance you will be billed the full fee for your appointment.

ARE you covered by health care or insurance plans? 
All services provided are self pay. As Canadians we are used to having our services covered. While traditional medicine offers plenty, it does not include the subtler methods of working with the human body. Investing in your quality of life is priceless. ​

WHAT do clients wear to the appointment?
Please wear comfortable clothing so I can move your body into a variety of positions without any restrictions. Bring a pair of socks, so I can effectively work with your feet. 

CAN NeuroMovement® provide natural pain relief?
Absolutely. You can relieve and manage chronic pain without the use of drugs. 
Many of my clients begin feeling immediate relief from pain. All the movements are done from a place of ease. We never force, instead we create new, potent connections.

CAN the sessions give me more flexibility and vitality?
Yes, neuromovement creates profound changes as we work directly with the brain. Following the Nine Essential principles you can create an environment that allows you to flourish and continue improving with time. Learn to move gracefully, letting go of unnecessary muscular contractions. As you learn to move through life with less effort
you will discover greater strength and flexibility. 

Will NeuroMovement® work for me if I'm not active?
We work with your brain in this moment and build on what is established. There is no requirement to be anything other than what you are. Many people are inactive because movement is painful and uncomfortable. 
During your intensive you will discover how to move free of pain and with greater ease. As a result most clients become more active, which will promote your health greatly.

WHO does NeuroMovement® work for
NeuroMovement® trains the brain and the underlying principles of harmonious and effective movement are beneficial for all bodies. My clients have overcome limitations, pain and restrictions. They have increased flexibility, improved their performance, expanded their capabilities and rediscovered the joy and pleasure of movement.


IMAGINE the improvement in your quality of life from 10 hands on sessions....


  • Chronic pain and restrictions have been eased. 

  • You feel energized and amazed that your flexibility has increased. 

  • You realize there is so much potential to be developed with this simple method. 

  • You feel optimistic about a bigger future than you expected. 

  • You marvel at the power of your brain and its ability to work magic. 

  • You feel so grateful that you gave yourself the gift of improved health. 

  • You feel like you’ve discovered an amazing secret and want to share it with everyone!

If you feel poorly, this will make you feel good. If you feel good this will make you feel great.



Feldenkrais (which Neuromovement® is based on): The Feldenkrais Method


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