Children With Diverse Needs

(Diagnosed or Undiagnosed)

  • Are you at the end of your rope with modalities that don't elicit positive, long lasting outcomes for your child?

  • The brain does not learn through repetition alone, especially if the repetitions are done while the child is in distress, anxious and uncomfortable.

  • Lasting change is made when your child feels safe and at ease

  • This is the beauty of this gentle method which endeavours to create trust and ease.

  • I create an environment that allows the "learning switch" to engage, immediately building new neural pathways in your child's brain.

  • I don't make the child learn, rather I but create the conditions for the brain to learn.

  • The changes we see with this work are truly remarkable. 

I am a mother of three adult children, two of whom were born with recessive genetic microcephaly. Believe me, I've navigated many modalities over the years and wished I had found this method early on. The earlier  the work can be done with

children the greater the outcomes.


Where do I begin?

Intensives are a series of 6 (minimum) - 10 (preferred) sessions occurring within a 5-7 day period.


Two lessons per day are the most effective as we create new neural pathways.


The intensive sessions ensure a potent, transformative, and permanent neuroplastic change.

As each individual is unique in regards to their needs and outcomes, sessions are repeated on a monthly, bimonthly or less frequent basis. This ensures ongoing transformation and healing.

The sessions can be done in your home or a convenient location for both parties. 


A session lasts approximately thirty to forty-five minutes; the optimal amount of time for the brain to learn without straining and hindering the process.


During the first sessions I create a connection with your child in a safe environment

When children are introduced to this method at an early age the outcomes can be very quick and potent.


A child's brain is in a state of learning and remains supple, without habitual patterns already established.

I'll engage your child by using a gentle movement process that provides the brain with the conditions and information to attain new and different skills. From this foundation we build and achieve milestones.

I highly recommended that all parents/caregivers read Kids Beyond Limits. This will enhance the process for the child in their daily life at home and create collaboration.


The better understanding the parents/caregivers have of the process and The Nine Essentials for brain change the more enriching the outcomes.  


I provide a complimentary copy to each family I work with.