Children with Diverse Needs

(Diagnosed or Undiagnosed)

Are you at the end of your rope with modalities that don't seem to be eliciting positive outcomes for your child?

The brain does not learn through repetition alone, especially if the repetitions are done while the child is in discomfort, crying and distressed. Learning occurs best when the child feels safe and at ease. 

That is the beauty of this gentle method which endeavours to  create trust and ease and to get the "learning switch" to engage which immediately creates new neural pathways in the child's brain. I am not making the child learn, but creating the conditions for learning.  

I am a mother of three adult children, two of whom were born with recessive genetic microcephaly. Believe me, I've navigated many modalities over the years and wished I had found this method early on. The earlier  the work can be done with children the greater the outcomes.

Where do I begin?

Intensives are a series of 6 (minimum) - 10 (preferred) lessons taken place within a 5-7 day period. Two lessons per day are preferable. Intensive lessons are highly recommended to ensure a more transformative and permanent neuroplastic change, particular in rehabilitation cases, cases of chronic pain/injury and recovery, especially when working with children with diverse needs. 

Depending on individuals, their needs and outcomes, they may be repeated on a monthly, bimonthly or less frequent basis, for ongoing transformation and healing

These sessions can be done in your home or a convenient location for both parties. 

A session (functional synthesis) will be up to thirty to forty-five minutes long. This is the optimal amount of time for the brain to learn without exhausting and hindering the process.


The first session will be me seeking a connection with your child in a safe environment. I'll answer questions about the method for the parent/caregiver.  Outcomes will be likely depending on the connection and fit with you and your child.

I highly recommended that the parents/caregivers read Kids Beyond Limits to enhance the process for the child in their daily life at home. The better understanding the parents/caregivers have of the process and The Nine Essentials the more enriching the outcomes.  I will provide a complimentary copy with the first booked intensive. 


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