Live on Zoom

Movement is the language of the brain - let's start a conversation.  

This is not exercise. This is the exploration of move-ability through

verbally guided movements.


  • Improved mobility, strength, balance and coordination

  • Effortless, more skillful, pleasurable movement

  • Better breathing, anxiety relief, sounder sleep

  • Holistic, non-invasive pain relief for your neck, back and joints

  • Reduction of habitual, limiting muscular contractions 

  • Increased well-being, self-awareness and mental clarity

Prepare a quiet spot with your device close enough for clear audio. It's not crucial you can been as  the class is guided verbally.  It's about you sensing and feeling how you move. 

Dress comfortably and if you have something with firmness to put under your head up to 2 inches high. I use garden kneeling pads, they are ideal. Some lessons are done in standing, some in a chair and most laying down. 

I will be on Zoom 10 minutes prior to a prompt start at 9:30 am. I can't interrupt the class to catch you up if you arrive late. Please remain on mute so as to not disturb the class in session.


Summer Break

Stay tuned for the

Fall offering of

Transformational Movement Lessons.



Drop in fee - $15

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