The Method

The concept of brain plasticity stems from the recognition that the human brain can “rewire” itself in response to new experiences. This wonderful characteristic of our brain is not only responsible for our ability to learn new things and unlearn old habits, it is also the key that unlocks our potential to recover from traumas, strokes, and disease that disrupt or disable some of the brain’s functions.


The Anat Baniel NeuroMovement® Method® uses movement and awareness as the main tools to develop, enhance, or restore one’s functional abilities. However, it stands in stark contrast to conventional physical therapy interventions and other rehabilitation approaches that attempt to bring change directly to specific joints or muscle groups. Unlike other modalities, this method shifts the focus away from the “problem areas” to where the solutions actually lie, the brain. This modality uses movement as a language, a means of providing the brain with the information it needs to guide the body and mind to higher levels of functioning and coordination. Sessions involve gentle touch and connection through the skeleton, and through these movement explorations, the brain “wakes up” to itself, spontaneously discovering new solutions that are more beneficial for the person. A vital aspect of the practitioner’s role in this process is to convey the experience of safety, pleasure, and ease of movement that enables the person’s brain to operate in learning mode, thereby exploring new possibilities. Through innovative movement and the Nine Essentials you can create new neural patterns that increase strength, flexibility, and vitality. This method is supported by evidence from the last thirty years of neuroplasticity research and is highly regarded by groundbreaking neuroscientists including the father of neuroplasticity, Dr. Michael Merzenich. 


NeuroMovement® benefits those who suffer from:


​• Chronic back, neck, and shoulder pain

• Balance and coordination issues

• Stroke recovery

• Limited movement and stiffness

• Recovery from trauma, concussions, anxiety

• Recovery from injury

• Recovery from surgery 

• Occupational stress or repetitive strain

• Neurological challenges associated with 

   Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and Parkinson’s disease

• Symptoms associated with aging​

• Autism Spectrum Disorder/Aspergers/ADHD

• Learning challenges

• Migraines

• Repetitive stress injuries

The method includes two gently guided experiences, one through touch where the practitioner moves your body, the other through guidance of movement cues to move your own body.

Functional Synthesis℠ (FS):

Functional Synthesis sessions are a gently, loving, pain-free, one-on-one movement lessons.  In a place of safety your body is moved gently and slowly to create a way for sensing, for noticing the session is customized to the particular needs and skills level of each client. Clients are called “students” because the purpose of the sessions is to bring about transformation through experiential learning. FS sessions are done with students of all ages and varying degrees of abilities and conditions.  The sessions are normally between 25 to 45 minutes long. 


Intensives are a series of 8 (minimum) -10 (preferred) lessons taken place within a one week period (5-7day period, maximum) and 2 lessons per day are preferable. Intensive lessons are highly recommended to ensure a more transformative and permanent neuroplastic change, particular in rehabilitation cases or cases of chronic pain/injury and recovery.

Depending on individuals, their needs and outcomes, they may be repeated on a monthly, bimonthly or less frequent basis, for ongoing transformation and healing.


Transformational Movement Lessons℠ (TML):

These are verbally guided movement lessons that can be done individually and in groups. There are hundreds of different movement lessons that focus on different functions and movement skills. The lessons focus on enhancing brain function, leading to transformational outcomes in the areas of rapid increases in flexibility, strength, pain relief, acquisition of new skills and improvement of existing ones, mental clarity, vitality, and well-being.  These lessons are between 45 – 60 minutes. 


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