Releasing contractions we expand into possibilities.


Welcome to my practice. I am so excited to share the magic of NeuroMovement® with you. After my own journey raising my children, two of who have special needs, (Josh & Amber above), I began exploring movement. I became interested in yoga, as a healing modality, and trained to be a teacher. Through movement and nutritional education I was able to connect deeply with my body and heal from an autoimmune disorder. As I further explored the healing benefits of movement I discovered Anat Baniel's work in NeuroMovement® and I was hooked. The differences I experienced in my own body and the results I saw in others were remarkable. I spent years travelling between Vancouver Island and the US in order to achieve mastery in this profoundly transformational modality.


I bring presence and allowing to my work. This comforting, healing energy, allows me to use my training and intuition to support each client. My approach is one of total acceptance, working in the present moment. An expansion occurs when permission is given to be exactly as you are.

By creating an environment of safety your nervous system can learn and change. Together we will work to release old stories, habits and patterns stored in your neural pathways. 

Releasing contractions we expand into possibilities!

All my best,


10 Ways My Life Has Changed From Practicing NeuroMovement®

  1. I am more at ease in times of uncertainty.

  2. I have the freedom to make choices, be comfortable with not knowing outcomes and trust that spontaneous changes will occur if I allow them.

  3. I have the ability through continued movement to know how and when to regulate my nervous system. I am never stuck in flight/fight/freeze and am able to respond to life's challenges with choices, not reactions.

  4. My flexibility, balance and strength are improved. I am able to move with more ease than I ever have, and I'm 61!

  5. Neuromovement has enabled me to allow everyone to be themselves. I no longer need them to conform to my idea of who or what they should be. This comes from practicing this with myself first.

  6. Through the practice of multiple movement lessons a week, I have become strong yet supple.

  7. I feel embodied and able to notice subtle shifts and needs in my body. This new awareness has led to better overall health.

  8. I continue to find ease from lumbar spine pain brought on by the compromise of an extra lumbar vertebrae I was born with.

  9. I've gained the ability to move in any direction with ease, and to change my mind with ease. To be in the question rather than seeking outcomes has created peace and cultivated more curiosity in my life. 

  10. NeuroMovement® has taught me how to move from fixing, to connecting with myself, my family and my clients.