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"What I'm after isn't flexible bodies, but flexible brains.... actually what I'm after is to restore people to their human dignity."

-Moshe Feldenkrais

What My Clients Say....

Ryan F. - Retired Builder/Logger

chronic pain

“After taking several of Mo's classes and having private sessions I have a new awareness of balance in my body. Her power lies in an approach that truly looks at the "whole" person. I  enjoyed the intensive. In addition to feeling great because of the movement and body awareness, it gave me a new perspective of being in the moment. I honestly didn’t expect such a profound outcome  so it’s a very pleasant and welcome change! It awakened my body, I began to be aware of how  muscles work and how to use them properly. As consequences of my practice, I often have pleasant surprises. One day, my hip pain is gone, the other day, I could walk with new found comfort,  practice improves. They help me learn more about myself and reward me with health and happiness. I highly recommend Mo and the Anat Baniel Method to anyone who is serious about healing body, mind, spirit— your whole being because it is gentle, painless, and relaxing. Mo's weekly classes are great,and a welcome addition in my life from now on!

Thank you Mo."

Ella M. - MACP, RCC

traumatic brain injury and chronic fatigue syndrome

Laural Blake

quality of life

"I'm so happy Mo is doing this training and offering her services in the Cowichan Valley. Her warm, caring nature and enthusiasm for the work make her a welcome addition to the practitioners I require to keep myself healthy...looking forward to continuing to work with her over the years." 

Piper Deggan - Artist, Yoga Teacher

tmj ~ jaw pain


​"Mo's friendly relaxed manner put me at ease, and I was able to completely receive the benefits of the treatments. Being moved by her and having my brain reprogrammed was seamless. I was astounded by the changes.


Her confidence, enthusiasm and devotion to the method allowed me to develop new body awareness and leave each session feeling aligned." 


Jan Lewis

quality of life


"Respectful, intuitive and competent are hallmarks of Maureen’s Anat Baniel Method practice. After a treatment I am more physically balanced and grateful. Over time, I’m learning to remember and practice valuable self-correction."